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The British public quickly became enamored with the preschool assistant, and the tabloids followed her every move.Indeed, every word Markle, 35, has ever said about her hopes, dreams, likes, and dislikes, have already been dissected.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding on July 29, 1981, was watched by over 750 million people — and this was in the pre-Internet era.This may be putting the cart before the horse, but it needs to be accepted from the outset.Meanwhile, Prince William and Princess Kate‘s nuptials on April 29, 2011, had 72 million You Tube streams, in addition to the 37 million people who watched them exchange vows on television in the United Kingdom alone." data-reactid="31" actress Meghan Markle was first linked romantically to Prince Henry of Wales (better known as Prince Harry), and she’s already feeling the glare of the spotlight.She’s even made headlines for something as simple as leaving her Toronto home to go to work!She’s even had a relative, her half-sister, start talking trash about her.


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