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If you’re unsure about it, think about what smaller steps you can take to share masturbation with a partner.

Before you dive in, it’s a good idea to talk about masturbation with your partner.

One of the great things about doing this is sharing your feelings as you both lie there satisfied by your own hands, but sharing an intimate moment together.

While most of us might think that a hands-off-each-other approach is what defines masturbation, dictionary definitions of mutual masturbation usually include touching each other and there’s no reason not to blur that line.

Don’t pressure yourself (or accept pressure from a partner) to explore mutual masturbation.

One of the best things about masturbating in front of your partner is the lessons learned about what turns you on.

Or maybe you come in right at the end, to help out with the big finish.

Sex toys can add a lot to both solo and mutual masturbation.

Mutual masturbation can also mean masturbating together without touching each other.

From the perspective of spiritual sexuality, the sexual energy built up with masturbation can be shared even if you aren’t physically touching each other.


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