Michelle yip shuen dating

Din See Mui is a happy person, who likes to watch happy series, where everyone could laugh like crazy.

But sometimes I like to turn over a new leaf, I want to watch something like a tragidy,but not for crying really hard, but just to be curious if the actresses are really crying or not.

In the end, Chak Fung and Rain both draw the conclusion that the reason is Michelle likes to eat hot pot.

She says: "Since entering ' Miss Chinese International' pageant in 1999 and wearing the one piece swimsuit, I have not dressed as sexily." As for her fee, she says it is a secret and adds: "Of course I am pleased!

The best thing for me though is seeing myself so fit." translation to the above picture Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye takes tears but not beauty.

You can play a beggar but still be a leading role." She also says that after injuring her leg, it has improved and she has been carrying on with filming so as not to delay progress. Ye will be appearing as a guest star at a slimming showcase programme and with a rather plump figure in the past, she has had to use careful camera angles to make her look slimmer, but after taking part in a slimming course recently, she has lost 17 lbs and now weighs just 106 lbs.

Her waist has reduced from 29 inches to just 24, so no matter if she is wearing a seethrough top or even just a camisole, she is full of confidence.


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