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You may have ADHD, but it shouldn't have YOU.""Who would you be if you had received all of the nurturing, guidance, support, and opportunities you needed in life to be your best version of you?What would your life be like if you had not experienced trauma, abuse, or oppression, or simply just had more validation?I work with many issues, including mood disorders (anxiety, depression), career (conflict resolution, communication skills, promotions); relationship issues (intimacy, sexual concerns); even physical problems (insomnia, chronic pain).I have successfully 'graduated' hundreds of clients by using very precise, focused, well-researched and proven techniques.""My mission is simple: to help you feel happy!

This involves an ongoing process of healing the wounds in our psyches, fully inhabiting our bodies, and increasing our consciousness while developing a healthy relationship with those parts of us that are unconscious, and deepening our relationships with other humans as well as with all the other inhabitants of the planet we share.You'll be learning how to be aware of your thoughts so you know when ADHD shows up & when you're at your best, and how best to use this knowledge effectively.You may have ADHD, but it shouldn't have YOU.""I've been an ADHD Coach for over 12 years, and I'm skilled in developing successful working partnerships to help you manage your ADHD with skill and clarity.Life can always be better & we can remember to be thankful for the beauty & the good.I work with individuals & couples.""I support adults, baby boomers, & elders in their move toward HAPPINESS. I invite you to my peaceful, hilltop office to explore & work through feelings of loss/grief, non-acceptance, feeling less-than, life transitions, dissatisfaction, helplessness, & pain.Along with my private practice, I teach psychology and management classes for University Of Phoenix and am completing a book, Mental Health For Consumers.


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