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(Similar to one pictured here.) I thought everything was fine.

Last week, my manager pulled me into his office and told me that my current wardrobe was unacceptable.

I’d just stay studiously neutral when Mary is complaining about Victoria, but it’s not unusual for it to be part of the job that she’d expect you to work with her to track problems she’s seeing with Victoria’s work that you might see too.

This can feel really awkward to do, but it’s not uncommon that a manager would need to gather information from other people rather than relying exclusively on what she’s able to witness firsthand. My employee wears a blanket for sun protection when we go off-site Should I say something to my new employee? My newest employee has been working here for just over a month.

I apologized and explained that I thought I was following the dress code. He said that if I was going to wear a pant suit, the shirt needed to be tucked in and belted.

Also that he did not like the look of side ruching or an empire waist on shirts and felt it was unprofessional.

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I spent the weekend looking for clothes that met his requirements but haven’t been able to. What you’re describing is totally standard maternity wear (as is that dress you linked to).Pre-pregnancy, I generally wore a sheath dress, blazer, and string of pearls.I haven’t really been able to wear anything like that for the past few months.But if she’s walking into clients’ offices still dressed that way, you could say something like, “I don’t know exactly what the precautions are that you need to take, but are you able to remove the hat and blanket before entering a client’s office?My concern is that it’s unusual enough that it will put the focus on those items rather than on the work we’re there to do.It’s a very small university office and I’m essentially the main admin.


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