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In the early hours of Sunday, they rang doorbells and used vans equipped with loudspeakers to call on procrastinators to abandon the zone ahead of a 10 a.m.deadline."Today I ask everyone concerned to leave the area, if possible by themselves," said Augsburg mayor Kurt Gribi in a video message posted on the city's Twitter account, urging "each person to verify that their relatives, parents and friends have found places to stay outside the (security) zone...The unwelcome Christmas surprise, a 1.8-ton British aerial bomb, which was found in Augsburg, Bavaria province, made local authorities on Sunday to evacuate more than 54,000 inhabitants from 32,000 households in a radius of 1.5 kilometers around the bomb.Up to 2,500 police officers, personnel from rescue services and fire brigades were involved in the mass evacuation, the biggest mobilization in Germany since the war itself.The South Dakota Supreme Court ruled in favor last week of a man attempting to purchase nine parcels of real estate following a dispute with landowners.Thomas Konrad is set to gain ownership of a piece of land owned by Myron and Patricia Stoebner after the Supreme Court upheld the...A further 20,000 people were evacuated in Cologne in 2015 after a 200-kilogram bomb, left from the war, was found there.Another 1.8-ton aerial bomb, found in Dortmund in 2014, made authorities to evacuate about 17,000 people.

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And this season's Love Island boasts some of the most colourful contestants yet as Miss Great Britain, the brother of two handsome soap stars and a former flame of rugby ace Danny Cipriani compete This year's series will feature some familiar faces in the shape of reigning Miss Great Britain Zara Holland, 20, who says she's 'sick of going on dates' and is hoping that Love Island will give her the opportunity to get away from the dating scene and 'try a different approach.' Tired of dating: This show features some familiar faces including Miss Great Britain Zara Holland, 20, who says she's 'sick of going on dates' and is hoping that Love Island will let her 'try a different approach''They support me, but I want to do this on my own.I've been brought up with it so I'm prepared in a way, but it's my turn now.It doesn't scare me, that side of things,' he said of his time on the show.She has to be intelligent, athletic and healthy, and just have something about her. I want a girl with good energy, who makes me happy.'Describing the kind of woman he won't be looking for, he explained: 'Girls who are self obsessed, who care too much about their image, and take themselves too seriously. If they've got nothing to offer other than how they look, then I lose interest.'Addressing her obsession, she said: 'Everything moves so fast in there.German authorities have forced the evacuation of tens of thousands of people from a southern city to safe places after a giant explosive, dating from World War II, was discovered in the area.Circus performer Cara De La Hoyde looks like she's going to mix thing up a bit if this bikini is anything to go by!


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