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You warp the ground to roll him about, swing Petit around via springy ropes, and catapult him across the screen (and, frequently, into painful spikes) using tiny trampolines. On one hand, it’s essentially a Skinner box, rewarding players with nothing in particular in return for them clicking like crazy.

But it also appears to be an amusing satire on the state of modern ‘idle’ gaming. The more cookies you have, the more power-ups you can afford, including cursors that click on your behalf.

All are entertaining to the level you’ll set fire to your Xbox and live life entirely inside a browser.

Oh, all right, they’re not quite special is the paucity of ammunition.

Play Boulder Dash j Q now finds you firing coloured balls into a tiny arena.

If two match, they merge and upgrade to the next colour, until you eventually knock together a pair of explosive pink balls.

Predominantly hentai-based, each eroge title brings you on a unique adventure with an erotic twist.

From turn-based strategy and tower defense to clickers and RPGs, all games have a porn element added to them.

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